Storm8 World War Game Farming

Storm8 World War Game on iPhone & iPod Touch


Farming is an expresion used when a player continually attacks you to 'milk' your $$.

Farming is a strategy that is frowned upon by most players but is not in contravention of Storm8's rules.

The definition of farming varies from player to player but in general more than 3 or 4 attacks in a row or in a 24 hour period are classed as farming by most players. Some players won't even tolerate 3 attacks, others will tolerate a lot more. There are no hard and fast rules but don't forget, it is a war game so you must expect to be attacked.

Some players do nothing but farm others, often because their income is not high enough to sustain their advance through the levels. Other farmers have zero income, so they continuously attack other players that have good payouts (cows) to sustain them in the game.

The real farmers only start when they are capable of attacking and winning players of level 60 and over. Payouts per attack jump from a maximum of $11 mil per win at below level 60, to about $35mil per win at level 60 or over

The best way to avoid being farmed is to ensure your defence is adequate for your level.

If you are attacked by a farmer, or any other player, don't comment on their comms and especially not abusive or threatening comments, as they then have a direct link to you which they will use as often as they want. If you do comment, it also opens up a path for other would be farmers to use that link to get to you too.


  1. they would have to be lvl 150+ to give a hundred million dollar+ payouts