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Storm8 World War for iPhone/iPod Touch and android phones, is a highly popular multi player online war game. Free to download from the Apple Apps and Android Apps Stores, it can be highly addictive.

To ensure your enjoyment of the game, it's imperative you get the fundamentals of the game right from the very outset. If you don't, you could be liable to farming from stronger players or not have sufficient income to progress successfully. It can be very frustrating after you have progressed for a while to find your efforts have been in vain. Get it right from the beginning and you'll be set for the whole game.

The idea of this blog is to share the basic principles of the game and thereby giving you a bit of a head start, but avoiding giving direct and exact measures to adhere to, which would otherwise take the enjoyment out of the game.

I reset my game when I was at level 110 and I don't profess to be an expert but with the experience I have gained, it is hoped that I can give you a good insight and prevent you making some of the mistakes I made. All comments, advice and feedback are welcome for all to benefit


Storm8 World War Comments PageMissions

Missions are tasks you can do with the use of  predetermined units, energy levels and alliance members. From Missions you earn cash, experience and sometimes loot normal or special units.


These are the military units that help you in defending yourself from or attacking other players. All units are bought with in game money that you earn. Lower level units have no hourly upkeep, however, as you progress, units become more expensive along with their upkeep, with the exception of a few disposable air units.

Battle Screen

On this screen you will find players that are same level and about the same alliance size as yourself. You will only see players flying other country flags (you can't attack players flying the same flag as yourself). You can attack these players if you want. You will also see a Sanction button. Pressing this button will take you to a list of players from all country flags and various levels. You can attack these players and if you kill them, you will gain the sanction reward.


There are 3 different types of buildings you can buy, Income, Defense and Energy

Honor Points - Honor Points are points that are awarded by Storm8 for downloading another app or they can be bought for hard cash. They can be exchanged for in game cash, replenishment of energy, health or ammo, change your game name or change your country flag


This is what determines if you can or can't attack. If your health is 27 or above, you can attack other players and they can attack you. 26 and below and you can't attack anyone and no one can attack you unless you are sanctioned. If you are unlucky enough to be sanctioned, your health will dip down to 0 and a death will be registered on your stats. Don't worry, you will automatically be revived to health of 1. You can restore your health if you have money in your vault and you go to the restore screen from the home screen.


You only need energy to complete Missions and nothing else.


Storm8 World War Sanctions ScreenIf someone upsets you or you upset someone, sanctions can be used. If you want to sanction someone, you will need to pay a predetermined minimum amount, depending on your level. 10% of this is used as a 'fee' by storm8, so the person who makes the kill will receive 90% of the amount you put up for the sanction. Don't use sanctions light heartedly. Players will get annoyed if you sanction them for little reason and you could then be subjected to a mass of sanctions from the player you sanctioned and worse still, he could call in his alliance members to attack and sanction you.


This is a term used when a player continuously attacks another player and 'milks' them of their cash. Hence the name 'farming'. Players who are attacked like this are known as 'cows' by the attacking player. There is no rule of thumb as to how many times you should attack another player without being considered to be farming, but most players accept that more than 3 attacks in a 24 hour period could be classed as 'farming', others will tolerate even more attacks. If you are farmed, under no circumstances should you comment on the farmers comms because then he will have a direct 'hard' link to you that he can come back to whenever he wants.


Sometimes players want to avoid leveling up so they can improve their income or defense. This is called 'camping'. To camp effectively, you need to stop doing all missions and not attack any other players

Generating income

The first thing you need to do is generate income from income buildings. When you first logged on to the game, you where given cash to start you off. Invest this money into income buildings and then either wait until that building generates enough money to buy more or you can complete some Missions to gain extra cash to invest. However, don't do too many, otherwise you will level up too quickly. Level 5 or 6 would be good places to camp for a while.

As you progress through the levels, you have the option of buying different, more expensive buildings with a higher income, to get the best ROI (return on Investment), it will pay you to invest in a good spreadsheet especially designed for the game. I use JustCalcIt at a cost of $1.19 from the apps store, but there are some good free ones to download from the Storm8 Forum.

Building Your Defense

When you have a reasonable income, you need to start building your defenses with defense buildings. If you invest well in defense at the start and continue invest as you play, it will help you no end throughout the game.

Building Your Alliance

In the early stages of your game, it's imperative you control how many alliance members you accept because with too many it can restrict your income resources and you will be liable to attack from potentially much stronger players.

The first thing is to post your alliance code on YOUR OWN comments wall, then if and when other players read it, they can request an alliance from you. It's also good to post your code in the Storm8 forum under the appropriate thread, to attract more requests. DO NOT POST ON OTHER PLAYERS WALLS AT ALL because this will give other players, especially farmers, permanent links to you.

If you receive requests from other players either on your comments wall or through the alliance request screen, don't reject or delete them. Keep them for the time when you need to build your alliance, later in the game.

I would suggest a maximum of 4 alliance members until you reach approximately level 65, when the alliance brackets start to break.

To Sum Up

Keep a low profile, don't leave comments or respond in any way to attacks or sanctions, keep your alliance to 4 and continually build your income and defense.

Good luck and enjoy your game


  1. Keep the alliance to 4?? Won't that limit your attack range terribly too? With an alliance of 4, you can wield only a maximum of 24 weapons in a fight, too little even after level 15...

  2. No - I have an alliance of 2 bcs I want wins thru my grater building defenses. And I am level 51.

  3. Is it possible to gain more than 110 million per attack from an opponent, if so what amount have you achieved?

  4. hi there have you ever heard about some so stupid (like myself) i need a perticular loot to contine a mission but i happend to sell it for some unknow reason. and i can get it back by looting because the mission that i get the loot from is already at 100% and i cant finnish the campaign because im missing the loot i need to finnish. Any way to overcome this more then to reset my account ??? any ideas i havent found anything about this in any FAQ.

    Any ideas will be much appriciated.

    1. You can replay the mission you looted the particular item form to regain that loot.

  5. I messed up and sent a comment to some one who is farming me. Can I change my name to get hime to stop?

    1. A name change is universal, it will still appear against the comment you originally made

  6. Having 4 alliance is the worst thing you can do. People with low alliance get farmed. Always have max alliance for your level and build up defense and income. This might take a while to get going but it will be better in the long run.

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