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Building your alliance is an important activity

For each level you can use five of your allies. Every ally you have gives you the ability to use six units in attack or six units in defence. So at level 10, you can only use 50 allies. You might have 100 allies, but the other 50 can't be used until you've reached level 20

The best and easiest place to find allies is on the Battle screen, but here you can only see players who have chosen different country flags to your own. Many people only want allies who fly their own country flag, for whatever reason. Where do you go then? The answer is the Sanctions screen. This has the benefit of putting you in touch with people who are usually very active in the game. This is invaluable because you may need to call on them at a later date

Before you go writing or pasting your code on everyones comments page, look through their comments to see if they have rules about who can or can't join their alliance. Many players post their alliance code on their own comments board and ask other players to add them, often penalizing players who don't read first. Put yourself in their shoes! You are active, in the middle of a conflict that involves you and some of your allies. You are all communicating with each other via each others comments board. Every Tom, Dick and Harry come along and post their codes on the comments board, pushing important messages and links off the page. Wouldn't you be annoyed? I am at level 100+ and if I'm looking for allies, I always look at least 5 pages back on the other players comments board to ensure he hasn't posted his code. If he has, I will use his code on the recruitment page. If he hasn't I will post a simple request with my code, eg, 'can't find your code & can't remember if we're allies. If not, please add me, my code "!*?*!" '

While you're looking through the comments, reading them also gives you an idea of what the player is like. If he gets lots of abuse, it might be better you don't ally with him as you may become a target through his actions

How many members can I have?

Your Alliance size is currently restricted to 2000, HOWEVER when you attack/defend, you will only USE 5 times your current level. Technically, the largest Alliance you'll ever need (until they raise the level cap above 300) is 1500 members.

How many members should I have?

I would advise you to have an Alliance of only 4 (including yourself) at the lower levels, this lowers the amount of units you need to defend yourself (while still keeping you in the top of your Alliance Bracket), which in turn lowers your upkeep

However, once you start getting to the Higher levels, your Alliance Bracket may break, this means you have to quickly gain as many Alliance members as possible, and quickly deploy units for them to use.

Alliance Brackets

Alliance Brackets are groups of enemies with about the same alliance members as each other, this groups equal enemies together, they are generally 4-5 alliance members away from each other, for example: 1-4, 5-9, 10-14 etc.

Alliance Brackets begin to break at the higher levels where there are less members, they break to a point where you can have people with 100 members attacking people with 4 members, it is inadvisable to keep low members when the brackets break


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