Storm8 World War Game Resetting Your Account

Storm8 World War Game on iPhone & iPod Touch

Resetting Your World War Account

If you have decided to reset your Storm8 World War account you should be aware of a few things

If, before you reset, you have a large alliance, you will transfer a lot of them with you to your new account. Recently, someone reset who had originally an alliance of 1700+ and transfered 1400 of his allies to the new, reset account

Sounds good in one respect, but not ideal when you are at a low level. It is recommended to have a small alliance (4 including yourself) when at low levels and trying to build income and defence

You will loose all your Buildings, Units, Money, Skill Points and Honor Points when you reset

Your Alliance code will be different than your original but your Storm8 ID will remain the same

Delete all Storm8 games that you don't play from your itunes account and your device. You should receive an invite with Honor points incentive to download them again in due course

If you didn't delete all the World War Honor Point incentive downloads from your device, click on each one in turn and you will find that some will reload the amount of Honor Points offered, but not all. When I reset, I managed to reclaim over 370 Honor Points