Storm8 World War Game Starting Out

Storm8 World War Game on iPhone & iPod Touch

Starting Out

When starting, recruit a maximum of 4 alliance members. This will keep your overheads low and you can only be seen by other players on your level with an alliance of 1 - 4 which means if you are attacked, it will only be from players with a small army. It also means that when you attack, it will be against small armies so giving you the chance of more wins

Don't comment on other players profiles. This cuts the chances of you being attacked by players of a slightly higher level or with a bigger alliance

You can still prepare for a bigger alliance. Post your own code on your own comments board. You can also post your code on The Just Calculate It database if and when you purchase the application from the iTunes Apps Store at a cost of $1.19. You can also post your code on Storm8 World War Add Me Forum

To start, I would advise going through the Missions, one at a time, never attack anyone, don't leave any comments on other players comments wall, until you reach level 7

At level 7 stop doing Missions and surf the sanctions wall and look for targets that will payout, for your level, a substantial amount, which you can invest, first in income and then in defense buildings

Still refrain from attacking, commenting or adding to your alliance. If you are attacked by other players, don't retaliate or comment them

It has to be said that surfing for suitable targets on the sanctions wall will at first result in very few kills, however, the more you do it, the more you will get to recognize suitable targets which pay out well for you to invest in your buildings

Look at the profile image on the right, at level 13 this player already has an income of $6+ million with no upkeep. $$ have been split between income and defense buildings with the emphasis on income

Fights won are from other players on the same level attacking but loosing, which helped this player to level up

Fights lost are quite high because with being such a low level, with an alliance of 4 and very little attack, attacking players with a level up to 90, on the sanctions wall will inevitably result it lots of losses

Kills are the amount of players that have been killed off the sanctions wall resulting in high payouts for you

Because players don't like the player they sanctioned being killed by a low level player who loses the attack but wins the sanction fee, the chances are that you could be sanctioned yourself by the same player who sanctioned the one you killed. Also, if you are surfing for a while, you could see a group being continuously sanctioned, you kill them, one after the other, resulting in the players you killed, believing you are a second account for the players who are placing them on sanctions. They answer this with sanctioning you, hoping to intimidate you into leaving them alone. Don't worry about dying or for that matter, being attacked by other players on your level. You will only lose a couple of $k each attack or kill which is more than compensated for by the payout you get from those high level players


  1. Just attack ATMs and they give 100 mill per hit and you get wins... Why waste time on the sanctionboard and lose anyway?