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Many players, mostly those new to Storm8 World War, misinterpret the real meaning of camping. Many think camping is for someone who has no units and/or defense buildings and is trying to improve their build.

What is "camping"? It's a strategy used at various stages throughout the game, staying at certain levels for a period of time to build income and defense. The camping strategy is to prepare your defense and income for later levels of the game so you can sustain growth dependant on your type of game play.

Hard core camping normally means stopping all attacks, Missions and sanction list hunting. Players in camp mode normally check into their accounts to buy income/defense buildings, nothing more.

However there are variations to this.

You can do a variation of hard core camping and do sanction list hunting at the same time. This only works at lower levels (up to about level 20) when the bounties on the sanction list are still significant in relation to your income. You play the sanction list to lose every attack. Your only interest is to get the bounty! If you make the kill, even if you lose the battle, you win the bounty.

Choose your targets carefully when hitting the sanctions list. Higher level targets should be your objective but you need to be aware of players that surf the sanction list for wins. These players often have high health and also replenish their health while on the sanction list. Only attack a sanctioned person once and if you don't get the kill, forget them and target someone else. Don't forget, you're not the only player attacking the sanction list. If a player appears on the sanction list soon after he has been killed, he is an ideal target as his health is only at 1 and will die with one attack.

The benefits to this strategy are;

1. High bounty payouts (in relation to your income) which can be invested into buildings.
2. It keeps you active in the game.
3. You don't earn experience points.

The downside to this strategy, depending on how you look at it, is your win/loss statistics deteriorate, so, if you worry about your game statistics, don't employ this strategy. However, if your statistics don't worry you, the upside is that if you want to level slowly but passively, other players, especially newer players will see your "bad" statistics and thinking you are weak in defenses, attack you, thereby giving you wins.

Another upside to this strategy is that other players who are very active can see your statistics as those of an active player who doesn't mind feeling the heat and recruit you into their alliance

Some players try to delay camping by leveling slowly and some don't even bother camping but without using lots of Honor Points, the need to camp at some stage is inevitable or you will fail miserably in the game.

There are many suggestions for levels to camp at, however, try to choose a level that is slightly higher or lower than the recommended. Why? Because they are normal places to camp, farmers and other players who are active, know this and often look for targets at these common "camping grounds". They also know that it's very unlikely that you will retaliate or "break camp". So, pick a level that is not normal camping ground and stay low.


  1. Didn't learn anything from it really, just the stuff I already know, but a good article for a newcomer!

  2. i should have read up on this game before getting to lvl 19. i feel like resetting.

  3. immediately worked. i repeat the Nov 30 statement above.

  4. I wanted to "play" so badly but at lvl 88, my net income is only 69M/hr., win ratio is 67%, have 117 Alliance, suddenly losing most battles. Now, I have to "Camp".
    Experts: is this a good place to do it? Your comments would be appreciated.l

    1. ur income is really really bade u need to have ten times ur level so ur lvl 88 u need to have 880Million income u need to camp for atleast 6months am lvl 52 and my income is 600Mil and i have 400 allies add me SV5T6X

  5. i camp and now im level 38 with a 86 mil. income and I rarely lose a fight to people me level!

    1. ur income is low iy has to be ten times ur level so if ur lvl 38 ur income should be 380MIL am lvl 52 and i have 600Mil income u need to camp for atleast 2 months

  6. If your losing battles at a high level and can't get ahead then your best bet would be to shed allies in groupings of 6 and camp for a while to build back up.

  7. Hey, Thanks for this post, after reading I decided screw it, I managed to reach level 13 in a bit over 2 hours, and decided to reset, I have succefully at level 7 defeated my for high sanction for 8 million!