Storm8 World War Game Strategies

Storm8 World War Game on iPhone & iPod Touch


Set yourself a target for each level,

To build income by X amount each lvl before moving on to the next.

The amount of exp points needed to lvl up gets higher on each lvl.

So you spend longer on each lvl as you move on which means you have longer to build income.

I think the whole trick is to go slow build steadily as you go. each lvl build Units, Income and Allies but by a manageable amount

1.) Defensive buildings can go a long way, they also have no upkeep, but they do increase in price by ten percent of original price.

2.) Pick your targets. Instead of going to the "battles" section and randomly tapping on "attack" hoping for a win, do research, if they have tons of defense and you know you can't beat them, don't attack. One of my tactics as I was progressing throught he levels was to go to the attack screen and spend about half an hour checking out the profiles of most of the players you can find. Make a list on paper of those you are certain you can beat in battle. After compiling the list, pressuming your attack and defence are tops, attack each player on your list. When you have attacked one player, put a tick against him on your list. If you attack him again, put another tick. If you manage to attack him a third time, put another tick against his name and leave him alaone for a day or so. Do this with all the players on your list and you will be making $$, gaining experience points and improving your fights win/loose ratio

Also, there is something called "spam attacking". This is where weaker players get angry that you can beat them more than 2 times so they sanction you; not to be confused with farming, which is more of an ongoing thing.

3.) Avoid using the vualt whenever possible, if you have a strong defense, this really isnt a problem (its fine to keep money in there for restoration.)

4.) Use Just Calculate It, it will save you tons of cash for maximum effeciency.

5.) You could join an army or clan. They can really help you and be by your side against other players

Fighting Strategy Tips

These are some general tips based upon personal experience

Alliance Size

There is no advantage at the earlier levels to having a large alliance. The game automatically restricts players with large alliances from attacking players with smaller alliances. Keeping your alliance smaller has the added benefit of limiting your upkeep costs and allowing for a larger income stream.

Experience and money earned from fights remains the same so, as long as your fight list contains players with similar alliance sizes, it is not necessary to increase your alliance size. However, once you hit the higher levels, the game automatically increases the range of opponents that can attack you. When this occurs, you should increase or max out the number of members in your alliance.

I personally like to start with 9 alliance members and only increase the number if absolutely necessary.

Defense Buildings

Defense buildings are an ideal purchase because they have no upkeep costs and are added to your defense score whenever you are attacked. I recommend purchasing as many as you can afford as it will allow you to allocate more of your money toward attack units without having to worry about their defense points

Units Strategy

Unit casualties, upkeep costs, and varying attack and defense points make them one of the most important strategic elements of the game. Deciding what units to buy is an important consideration at every stage of the game.


It is important to understand the role of casualties. Whenever your units are utilized in a fight or a mission, there is a random chance that you may lose one or more units. This possibility occurs even if you are just defending against an attacker. All units - including looted units - are subject to this risk.

This means that it may makes sense to purchase extra units in case you are attacked and can not actively replenish units that may be lost in battle.

Upkeep versus Income

The primary purpose of buying income buildings is to create a large money flow that supports the purchase of units. However, most higher level units have an upkeep cost that directly reduces your income stream. This lost income can never be recovered and it occurs every income cycle which means that a total upkeep cost of 20,000 per income cycle would result in losing at least 480,000 per day in lost income. Upkeep costs are commonly calculated as a % of your income stream and must be closely monitored. A high upkeep % too early in the game will significantly impact your future income growth.

Slow Down - Build Income

If you find that upkeep costs are having a significant impact on your income, then it may be time to slow down your character leveling and allow your income to build. This problem will only get worse as you advance in level and the costs grow geometrically (and your opponents are much stronger). This problem is compounded when you realize that each level that your character advances would require you to purchase up to 30 additional units (6 for each additional alliance member) assuming you want to maximize your fighting potential.

Purchase Strategically

When deciding what units to buy, you need to carefully consider the units Upkeep costs, Attack Points and Defense Points. Assuming you can afford to buy the unit, cost should not be a factor in your decision making as it is only a one time expenditure. Keeping in mind the reduction in income from upkeep, it does not always make sense to buy the best available units.

If you are winning most of your fights with your current units, then it may make more strategic sense to not increase your upkeep and allow your income to build at a faster rate.

Maximize Your Fighting Potential

World War allows each alliance member (up to 5 per level) to use 6 units each (regardless of category). You should always make sure that every alliance member has at least 6 units that they can use in a fight.

Attack and Defense

Each unit has an attack and defense score that is used to calculate the results of a fight. Only the attack score is used when you initiate an attack while only the defense score is used when you are attacked. If you are losing fights that you initiate, it may make sense to purchase units that increase your attack score in order to increase your chance of success. Conversely, if you are losing when you get attacked, you may want to increase the defensive point value of your units.

Defense Buildings

Although they are technically buildings, defense buildings are an important consideration when forming a strategy for purchasing units. You can think of them as additional units that provide additional defense points whenever you are attacked. These additional "units" also have the benefit of zero upkeep costs.

Because there are no limits on the number of defense buildings that your base uses, they can become a very significant factor when a large number are acquired. This means that it may not be necessary to purchase as many defense orientated units to protect yourself from attack